About us

The company MEDEURA provides business and financial consultancy services, and has offices in Salerno, Milan and Rome.

MEDEURA operates at the service of domestic and foreign companies, supporting and contributing to the success of their projects, development plans and the improvement of performance.

Assists its clients in defining and structuring investment projects involving significant assets and private assets, identifies and activates the most appropriate financial instruments to support investment initiatives.
MEDEURA has developed experience and expertise in the evaluation of companies and investment projects, activities that take place with world-class financial partners.

The different operations performed in the most economic and territorial contexts, have enabled us to acquire and consolidate a specific know-how and high-level, whose strength lies in the ability to seek out and offer products and services in order to better respond to the needs and Customers’ expectations.

MEDEURA employs a staff of highly professional and experienced consultants who help business owners and managers in the identification and implementation of solutions for the achievement of objectives through evaluation of companies, investment projects and finding partners and funding.

MEDEURA helps to make things happen.

Today, most companies have difficulty in finding the appropriate financial tools to turn ideas into reality.

These difficulties can be attributed, among other things, the widespread inability to adapt quickly to changes in the socio-financial.

Under this aspect, the company MEDEURA is a leader in keeping the customer on top priority.