Financial and legal advice

Corporate Operations
a. incorporation of companies, branches, representative offices for foreign companies in Italy and Italians abroad.
b. Joint ventures, consortia and GROUPINGS.
c. sale of companies and shareholdings in the company.
d. feasibility studies and implementation of corporate restructuring operations, including mergers, divisions, transfers, transformations and liquidations of companies or entities.
e. Study, planning and realization of management buy-outs, corporate acquisitions, public offerings and Stock option plan .
f. Participation in meetings and boards of Directors in the interest of its customers.
g. taking positions within the Administration statutory bodies (Board of Directors) and control (Auditors);

Administration and management control
a. assistance and consultancy in accounting and administrative reorganization.
b. Advice in setting accounting procedures.
c. follow-up of the financial management and administrative adjustment.
d. assistance and advice in the preparation and drafting of operating budgets.
e. assistance and advice in the preparation of budget and reporting annual or interim.
f. activities of the Auditcarried out by authorised auditing company.

Tax advice and assistance
a. direct Advice to the deepening of all issues and tax issues, both with regard to direct and indirect taxation.
b. studies and direct the optimization planning of direct and indirect taxes, including the creation of structures of supplychain .
c. tax advice related to corporate operations of extraordinary type such as: acquisitions, mergers, demergers and liquidations, transfers, including tax audits on companies target.
d. studies, opinions and tax schedules relating to property assets vested funds, trusts, inheritance and donations.
e. advice on international tax planning of multinational groups.
f. advice and assistance in matters of tax and finance, both domestic (State or local) that community.
g. consultancy and assistance in the field of VAT with regard to transactions and domestic and international transactions, including the optimization of cash flow and VAT refund procedures of VAT credits
h. Assistance in dealing with the offices of financial Administration.

Advice and assistance in tax matters
a. drafting of opinions in every area of the tax law, procedural, substantive and even in terms of community and international law.
b. determination of higher taxes, interest and penalties payable in cases of dispute or dispute tax definition.

Due Diligence activities
a. legal status Surveys, corporate tax and economic target .
b. preparation of due diligence for companies who buy or sell companies, company branches or active parts.
c. examination of corporate documentation and relating to immovable property and contracts.
d. monitoring and review of administrative and judicial proceedings.

Extraordinary finance transactions
The abovementioned internal study skills are used in a coordinated way to follow these extraordinary financial actions.

Optimization of corporate structure
a. Assistance for entry in the shareholders ‘ structure of new partners (financial or industrial) who subscribe to capital increases intended to strengthen the equity of the company.
b. assistance in the restructuring of the corporate composition by entry of new shareholders who detect minority shares in order to foster generational change processes or enterprise.

Optimizing or restructuring of Financial Planning
a. definition of strategies for funding of specific investment projects and development.
b. Assistance in the study and implementation of optimization projects or restructuring of the financial structure of enterprises in difficulty, even temporary, where necessary, through the renegotiation of debt with banks and other creditors.

Capital market operations
a. Tax Assistance for listing and for the collection of public savings.
b. Tax Advice on all aspects of the issue of new shares and trading stock packages.